A Rust library for creating mail servers.
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This repository contains libraries for writing SMTP servers in Rust.

Send an email to mailin@spamtastic.cc to try out an example server.


The project is hosted on https://code.alienscience.org/alienscience/mailin, and is mirrored to https://codeberg.org/al13nsc13nc3/mailin.

To create issues or PRs, login with your Github account.

Directory structure


The mailin directory contains the Mailin library. The library handles parsing, the SMTP state machine and building responses.

mailin embedded

The mailin-embedded directory contains an SMTP server that can be embedded into another program. This can be used to receive email within a program or to build a standalone email server.

mailin server

The mailin-server directory contains an example standalone SMTP server that uses the mailin-embedded library.


The mxdns directory contains utilities for looking up IP addresses on DNS based blocklists and for doing reverse dns lookups.

mime event

The mime-event directory contains an event driven MIME parser. This parser can parse MIME messages line by line without allocating memory for the whole message.